Warning: Orean Health Express
Posted April 1st, 2007 Report an Error

A few years ago Orean Express was found to tell customers the cheese was vegan and it was not. People have always been skeptical about the icecream because of it's quality and the large amount you received for a very cheap price. Friends have often joked that there is an underground tunnel leading to the Mc Donalds across the street. We regret to inform you that this weekend we have discovered that the icecream is indeed not vegan. A member of the Living Vegan staff was able to view the ingredients and found them to contain Casien. We will try to fill you in with any new information soon, and hope to revisit some of the previous investigated restaurants to see if things have changed. We also have a brand new and expanded site coming in april. We for an event towards the end of april to celebrate in Los Angeles and possibly Orange County.

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