More non vegan items found at Orean
Posted April 18th, 2007 Report an Error

We were recently contacted by the president of Paws 4 Life in Los Angeles and she filled us in with her experience and findings at Orean Health Express. She found that not only was the cheese not vegan, but the buns have whey and honey in them. Staff would also give her different answers each time, sometimes informing her that certain items were vegan, and other times that the same items were not. She was able to see the ingredients of the hamburger and hot dog buns upon request and found them to contain whey and honey. Upon running into the owner at Orean on one occasion she asked him if the cheese was vegan and his reply was “well, no but it’s only less than 1% that has casein in it”. He also explained that there is a lot of employee turnover and its “impossible” to tell everyone about the ingredients or explain the difference between vegetarian and vegan. Oreans health department inspection notice in the window was also found to be out of date.

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